Automation can substantially help in reducing cost and increasing profitability.

At ITcracy we help people reduce their efforts spent on repetitive manual work and focus more on the actual tasks that help grow the business.


Why automate?

  • There are some tasks which are as simple as,
- File or folder operations like
  moving or copying thousands of files
  or folders,
- Filling out online forms,
- Periodic downloading of files
  or copying text from a website,
- Sending periodic emails, etc.
  • Or can be as complex as,
- Performing operations with
  Excel spreadsheets,
- Specific business process
  in an organization,
- Data consolidation from various
  sources and/or generation
  of some periodic reports, etc.

All such tasks are time-consuming, and they’re often so trivial or specific that there’s no ready-made software to perform them.

At ITcracy we provide cost effective solutions designed specific to the needs of user for all their requirements.

Want a Solution?

If you feel that you do repetitive, time-consuming and boring tasks, then you can ease your work-life with the following 3 steps.

Repetitive Process

1. Identify

Identify the exact task or process that you think can be automated.

  • You need to identify the process that is consuming most of your time or is repetitive.
  • It can be a process that a single user does or it can be a process that is done at an organizational level.

2. Write IT

No! Here we do not expect a technical document.

  • You just have to write the entire process that you want to automate.
  • The write-up should be something which will easily help in understanding the process.
  • It should contain just enough details and all the requirements involved in the process.
  • The requirements can be as simple as some website URLs, file names, period i.e. date & time, etc.

Note: This is an optional step, and we suggest writing your process as it helps in better understanding of your own process.

3. Connect with us

If your process cannot be automated, you won't be charged

  • Explain to us the process, along with supporting documents if any.
  • We will check the feasibility and if it is possible to automate it, we will give you the approximate cost and time required to complete the task.
  • We will provide alternate options if the task is not suitable for automation.
  • Irrespective of whether you follow the first 2 steps you can always contact us.
  • If you are unsure whether your process/s or task/s can be automated then contact us, and we will help you identify and if possible automate it.

Please note that we don't charge if after analyzing your process we find that it cannot be automated. So feel free to connect with us.