Conducting workshops for students as well as faculties in various Educational Institutes in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerala helped us in better understanding the needs of different audience.

Imparting trainings in our respective workplaces gave us the exposure of corporate teachings as well.


Upskilling on your mind?

No matter if you are a team of freshers or of experienced professionals, learning never stops.

  • Being a fast paced industry the technology keeps on evolving rapidly.
  • So the need of updating skills arises time and again.
  • At ITcracy we help fulfill the upskilling needs by providing great learnings.
  • Being active programmers our trainings include all the aspects that we use on daily basis to make our programming life easy.

Want to host workshops?

Being up to date with the latest industry trends is always a plus for students as well as teachers.

  • We at ITCracy having exposure right from a Startup to MNC are well versed with the industry and its current trends.
  • We can help students as well as the faculties to get updated with the technologies currently used in the industry.
  • Our teachings include all the learnings that we got from our vast experience.

Some learnings we can offer

- Programming using Python
    - Basics (general programming concepts in Python)
    - Advance (concepts such as Multi Threading and Multi Processing)
- Web development Frameworks
    - FastAPI
    - Flask
    - Django
    - Pyramid
    - Vue.js
- Dockerizing your App
- GIT and general Linux

Please note that the above is not a complete list of what we can offer so please feel free to connect with us.